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Newborns With Fast Deliveries Can Have Issues

An eight-week-old presented with difficulty sucking, inability to have a deep latch, an open mouth, fast breathing, congestion from birth, arching, stiffness, and gas. The baby’s pediatrician told mom that her baby was healthy. Really? Pediatricians need to wake up to the concept of birth trauma and fascial strain.

In our Lancaster infant research, we thought quick deliveries would be healthier. Wrong. In this story mom pushed three times and the baby was out in ten minutes. This baby had a zero-second brain cycle and was tight everywhere.

Let’s look at each issue:

  • Difficulty sucking: She had bilateral TMJ causing pain on jaw closure creating sucking difficulty.
  • Inability to have a deep latch: The bilateral TMJ limited her jaw opening so the nipple could not reach back to the soft palate for a deep latch.
  • Open mouth: Painful TMJs can limit jaw closure and a possible airways issue may also be present.
  • Fast breathing: She had tightness in her respiratory system probably relating to the open mouth.
  • Congestion from birth: The restriction of her respiratory system may create congestion in these tissues.
  • Arching: A common problem with newborns creating multiple issues that must be addressed in therapy.
  • Stiffness: Her fascial web was tight everywhere. In our world a tight infant body does not function well. Loose infant bodies are happier.
  • Gas: Restriction in the digestive area can cause gas. Also with TMJ issues, she can swallow air causing gas.

Pediatricians need to understand that fascial strain is a big deal in their clinical practices. From children with asthma, earaches, and headaches to infants with colic, reflux, and breastfeeding issues, doctors need to step outside their technological, drug, and surgery box. When they open to corrective soft tissue care, happy babies and children can become the rule, not the exception.

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