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Nipple Pain

A newborn, who has difficulty nursing, presented with the typical fascial strain patterns in her body. After five visits of strain-clearing therapy, she still had breastfeeding issues.

Mom said her milk supply was ample, but she had severe pain in her nipples. She has not been able to nurse for the past week because the pain was so bad. Restriction in her fascial web may be the source of the problem.

I have found that fascial strain in the breast tissue may cause pain on nursing or restrict milk supply. Years ago, I discovered an effective therapeutic technique to check and release these tissues.

Everything in the fascial web is connected in space and time. While mom was sitting on the treatment table, I held the back of her neck with both hands from behind to check the upper body fascial web.

When she held each breast separately through her clothes, I could feel strain pulling into her neck. After a few left and right rounds of this approach until the strain cleared, she could feel that her neck was looser.

Next, we did a similar procedure as she held each nipple through her clothes. Her neck fascia was pulling hard into each nipple. The more painful one had more fascial strain. After a few rounds of this approach, her neck felt even more relaxed.

I will check in with her on the next visit for potential improvement. When we think outside the box and connect the dots in the web, tight fascia can be the root cause of many structural conditions.

Thank you, Gillespie Approach infant therapists, for your work. You are the masters of something new and engage in something greater than yourself. This life-changing work can make you feel like all things are possible.

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