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No Suck Reflex in Vermont

CFT for the win!

The back story: Mom was a homebirth client. The baby turned breech at 38 weeks and nothing turned her back. The baby never engaged in the pelvis.

At 41 weeks BPP, we saw dangerously low fluid, and mom was in early labor. I did NST (non-stress test) and baby had heart decelerations. We decided a c-section was best. The baby did well, APGARS 7/8- but NO SUCK reflex AT ALL.

I did her first CFT session at 2 hours old. That revealed a VERY tight strain from right SI/Pelvis to left TMJ. I got a tongue flutter and mouth opening after that session. The gag reflex was low/minimal also. There was a high-arched palate and thick lip and tongue tie.

Mom and baby came home on day 3 using sns (supplementary nursing system), shield, and syringe with very little if any sucking effort. I did the second session of CFT and the pelvis/TMJ continued to release. We had our first successful full, transferring milk latch within 3 minutes of that release!!!!

When the baby had lip, tongue, and buccal ties surgically released on day 5, she regressed. The same strain pattern showed up with set backs on days 6 & 7. I saw the family on day 7 for CFT session 3. A new spot showed under the chin into the neck and clavicles. With that release came the ability to suck with strength and the want to feed. Before this, the parents were offering every 2-3 hours, because the baby was not ‘asking’ for food at all.

Since this session 2 days ago, baby has been waking and asking to nurse every 1-3 hours, nursing and transferring with ease. We went from a baby that had literally ZERO interest in eating to a baby that is acting totally normally!

THANK YOU Barry for creating CFT!! This work has been a true life-saver at times. This family is thrilled, as am I. CFT for the win, yet again!

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