The Non-Chronological and Random Peeling of the Onion

I have found in the 40 years of CFT research that the onion, the lifetime layering of the body’s traumas held in the craniosacral fascial system, does not peel chronologically. I have had many CFT sessions that go back into my in-utero traumas to help correct my nearsightedness. Today’s experience in my left wrist was totally random and unexpected.

Fifty-one years ago at 17, I had a golf wrist injury that “healed” over three weeks. It bothered me occasionally for a few years and went away. Today, that pain felt like the original injury, returning full force without any provocation. My craniosacral fascial system held that trauma for over 50 years before letting go of it. We are all living with the traumas held in our craniosacral fascial system in our space-time continuum.

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