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The Number/Timing of CFT/IDM Newborn Sessions

How often should a newborn receive therapy?

In a perfect world the Baby Brain Score (BBS) is done at six minutes of age and CFT/IDM soon thereafter. Since we are depending on each infant to initiate therapy to heal her/himself, I do not recommend a specific hard and fast number of daily sessions for every baby. Each newborn will have a unique set of birth experiences. The processing time between sessions may also vary.

A reasonable goal is for at least 90% of the babies to be strain free in 3-5 days. Establishing excellent sucking, swallowing, and breathing skills as soon as possible is advised. The hard core infants may require more work and time. But the game is not over at this point; each baby needs to be checked during growth. For some unknown reason, lingering strain from birth trauma may not release until then.

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