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Nursing Mother Syndrome

Mike and I want to share something we discovered from our own personal experience, which in turn has helped many of our clients. I had posted two months back that our daughter, Samara, had become extremely active and difficult to nurse. Through the difficulties, I was starting to not feel well. My head felt “off.” I couldn’t put words to it—kind of dizzy—but not lightheaded and my eyes felt tight and stuck. Mike started working on me and when he touched my eyes, I felt tremendous strain from the occiput over the parietals into the frontal and behind my eyes. After several more unwindings, it had released. The next day the strange dizzy feeling was gone and I was happy and thankful. I hadn’t thought much more about it until we saw a mother whose baby was fussing while nursing. She was telling us how strange her head felt and was dizzy. Mike immediately went to her eyes and the same unwinding happened.

We realized at that point this strain pattern was occurring from having to look down at our babies (chin to chest) so often while they were fussing during nursing. Since then we have seen many mothers with the same complaint—all of whom have babies with nursing issues! We think this should be a package: Mom needs treatment to relieve the strain in her neck, head and eyes from working with their baby, and the baby needs work to help with the nursing problem. The symptoms are so strange to explain and yet it makes total sense.

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