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One-Sided Body Weakness

Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy practitioners need to look at every patient in the craniosacral fascial space-time continuum.

A woman presents with a lifetime of left-sided body weakness. Her weak left foot often rolls over during walking. She has left hip, shoulder, neck, and head issues. When a patient tells you they have had a problem forever, you have to seriously look at birth trauma as the root cause.

She was a breech vaginal birth, which represents a shift in the medical culture. Back in the 1960s, many birth providers had the manual skills and acumen to deliver these babies nonsurgically. Since that expertise has been lost in the new technological and legal waves, C-section is today’s preferred method.

The patient’s mother recently related panic and emergency around her birth and was in a state of shock with a “feet first” birth. She could not remember if the doctor pulled on a leg, but he definitely turned the fetus around in the birthing canal. There was no umbilical cord issue that she remembered. In the fascial world, strain could have easily restricted a tiny vulnerable body.

Since fascial strain is invisible, everyone then and even today would think the baby was “fine.” We want to change that ingrained conventional perception since we know the craniosacral fascial system holds its trauma from conception. The preventative aspect we offer at birth can save a lifetime of suffering.

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