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Oral Aversion

I am currently seeing a toddler with oral aversion on pureed food. Classically, these children can have undiagnosed craniosacral fascial strain in the hard palate, soft palate, floor of the mouth, TMJs, and/or the throat. Pelvic strain may also be pulling on these tissues.

Medically, the parents may have significant angst for a possible genetic or neurological issue. In my CFT world birth trauma can create tightness for many of these children. Maybe they are just tight and no one noticed.

If I ruled the world, they would have been checked for craniosacral fascial strain at birth. As one parent recently asked me, I cannot predict then what condition(s) will present down the road. But I can say that your newborn is tight, which can predispose to many conditions later in life. I believe that prevention at birth is the wave of the future.

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