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Oral Ties Revisited

A mom emailed me a typical case of oral ties and professional tunnel vision. Yes, craniosacral fascial therapy can help. Please note that the constipation, reflux, and sleep issues were not considered as part of the problem. In the Gillespie Approach they are huge issues, indicating a restricted full-body fascial web. The oral ties, although important, are just the tip of the iceberg for many infants.

Mother’s Message

“My 7-month-old was born with oral ties, and breastfeeding did not go well. We saw an IBCLC who referred us to a pediatric dentist who confirmed she had tongue, lip, and buccal ties.

We had CST and chiropractic care before proceeding with a laser release of the ties. We also followed up weekly with CST, driving long distances to prioritize the body work. Unfortunately, despite CST, at-home stretches and wound care, her tongue tie reattached and nursing only improved a small amount.

We did a second revision for her tongue because we were told some babies just heal quickly and also continued with CST. After each session, it seemed to help, but the benefits didn’t last. After just a couple of days, the tension was back and nursing has continued to be a struggle as well as sleep issues, reflux, and not pooping regularly.

It’s so disappointing to have gone through so much and have done all the ‘right things’ as far as what we were told and yet still be having the same issues.

I came across your page on Instagram and right away I thought, maybe this is different than CST and maybe CFT is what we really needed. I’m so at a loss to know where else to turn because the pediatrician isn’t concerned. She has gained weight okay, as if that’s the only pediatric marker.

After the second procedure to release her tongue, she started refusing to latch awake. Currently, I can only get her to nurse while asleep, and she won’t take a bottle at all. So we just dream feed to keep her fed.

Can your treatments help? I do not want to do another laser procedure at this point. I feel like we are all traumatized from it.”

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