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Organ Fascial Strain at Birth

Medical science has told us that fascia or connective tissue touches and connects every structural cell in the body. Thus, fascia connects every cell in every organ. The big question surrounding birth trauma is, Can severe craniosacral fascial strain in an organ at birth predispose someone to a specific disease later in life? Can someone develop diabetes because tight fascia at birth inhibited the normal pancreatic function of the cells of the Islets of Langerhans? Can someone develop a heart issue, like heart valve disease or POTS, because tight fascia at birth impaired the normal function of the cardiac cells? Can someone be predisposed to kidney failure and dialysis because tight fascia at birth inhibited normal kidney function? Are these and many other conditions set up in people because a difficult birth created severe strain in their craniosacral fascial systems? By doing the BBS/CFT/IDM model at birth, are we preventing many adult conditions, more than we realize now, down the road? Are we more than just being the Happy Baby People? Interesting questions for future research.

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