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Orthodontic Care in My Perfect World

I posted an essay about orthodontics on June 6, 2022 that unexpectedly became one of my most read posts. A parent related that a therapist, both unknown to me, was successfully widening their child’s palate with just the Gillespie Approach—amazing.

We need to understand that one case does not make a scientific proof. It worked for this child but will it work for your child? We do not know.

If I had a grandson in need of orthodontic care, this is what I would do:

My first step would be to find an orthodontist who is compatible with brain motion and fascial strain. Then I would have a complete head, neck, and airway workup and baseline measurements taken across his palate.

I would then do two months of weekly Gillespie Approach visits doing the entire body with focus on the oral tissues. Then the child would return to the orthodontist for new measurements. If the palate is widening similar to a palatal expander, I would continue this method until completion. If not, maybe an appliance is needed.

Other factors can necessitate the use of an appliance whose sole purpose is to gently help the body heal itself. The ALF allows brain motion if the adjustment does not put too much pressure on the craniosacral fascial system. Since I am not an orthodontist, I am not familiar with all of the other appliances. Whatever is used, the child’s great brain motion needs to remain intact.

Working out the body fascial strains that may be causing the oral imbalance or malocclusion is paramount. The birth trauma that strained the oral tissues, including the 52 tooth buds, needs to be revisited and cleared in therapy.

Theoretically, the outcome would place the teeth in a happy position where retainers would not be needed and adult relapses would not occur. If future research collaborates these findings, it would be a milestone advancement in orthodontics.

This hypothesis may sound like complete insanity to most orthodontists, but at 75 with 50-plus years in the field, this is my story, and I am sticking to it.

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