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Parental Patience

I witnessed something extraordinary recently.

A family brought their 2½-year-old son for therapy. They traveled quite a distance specifically for this work. The child was uncooperative from the start, even without me initiating therapy. It was certainly not going to happen on his watch—no way.

Mom calmly explained to him the therapy protocol, she would be holding him, Dr. Gillespie was a gentle man, nothing bad was going to happen, dad was here too, etc. When he retorted “no” each time, she calmly rephrased her approach, never raising her voice or losing her composure. Dad remained calm also.

After this scenario repeated many times over 30 minutes, I suggested that I work on mom for the other 30 minutes to show the child the safety of therapy. Mom did amazingly well.

During the family lunch break, the child expressed interest to his parents about his session. But when hour two arrived, he quickly changed his mind and “no” still reigned. Mom was unbelievably patient and very calm with him, as she spun the same story many times. Dad was incredibly calm also. I watched this scene in total awe.

The child finally relented after 30 minutes and did well with his remaining treatment time.

I honor the masters of patience.

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