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Patient Hand Placement in the Gillespie Approach

When I was working with a patient years ago, I had a strange feeling that if I had a third hand, I would place it on a specific spot of his body. I had the thought: “Why not use the patient’s hand instead and see what happens?”

When I asked him to hold that spot, the strain pattern dramatically accentuated, and somehow I had accessed a deeper layer of his onion. That was the beginning of the next level of Gillespie Approach care.

If you asked me now to scientifically prove this technique, I would have nothing in current medical thinking. I can say that when we are holding a patient, we are in their space and time continuum where the fascial web is remembering and holding all of its old traumas back to conception.

Einstein told us that everything is energy. When the patient holds a third and a possible fourth spot, maybe connecting energetic dots are reminding the web of a specific past injury. By listening, we are allowing the body to heal itself authentically in its own space and time.

As an inquiring clinician, I am solely interested in discovering therapy that works in tune with the body while doing no harm. We will have to wait for the basic science researchers to find out why it works.

This is especially effective where that patient needs to connect a therapeutic off-limits area to the strain pattern. Through their clothing, they would hold either their vasectomy or episiotomy scar, and I would connect it into their strain pattern by holding another part of their body.

Please read the soon-to-be-published essays about hand placement for adults, children, and infants. I believe this approach will help you provide a more complete service for your patients.

Every infant’s fascial web holds the memory of its physical and emotional birth traumas. Since the infant knows innately how to heal herself, the provider just needs to listen to the body and facilitate the corrective process.

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