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Pediatric Asthma and Coughing

The coughing was annoying.

I was trying to hear the medical history from mom, and the teen would not stop coughing. She had asthma along with anxiety, tics, sensory disorders, fatigue, and GI issues. All may be helped with the Gillespie Approach.

Since her mother is a nurse, she had seen the best of the best. I was the sixth different doctor appointment for the week. No one really had a handle on her health situation.

Her upper body was fascially tight with a zero-second brain cycle. Her diaphragm was especially restricted—a typical pediatric asthmatic presentation. Her labor started at 26 weeks, and she was stuck in the pelvis at 39 weeks, indicting a history of birth trauma.

The diaphragm, a large dome-shaped structure, is the main breathing muscle. As a muscle, it has a dominating fascial component, which needs to be free for normal breathing.

A second condition of a restricted diaphragm can be incessant coughing. In my mind her coughing and asthma were essentially caused by the same thing—soft tissue birth trauma leading to a tight diaphragm.

I focused on helping the body release the diaphragmatic area during the first session. At the end of therapy, the tissue had softened significantly.

Mom reported on the second visit that the coughing had abated, and her breathing was significantly better. During that visit, the fascial strain in that area continued to free up, resulting in more normal breathing. Since then, mom has cut her inhaler dose in half.

Since 1980, I have consistently stated that pediatric asthma appears to be a disease of fascial tightness of the respiratory system. When the fascia releases over a series of visits, the disease can fade away. The answer to asthma is not rocket science.

The seeds of asthma for many people may also be sown at birth. I am just trying to help the world get these concepts.

Disease begins in the fascia.

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