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Pediatric Asthma and Craniosacral Fascial Therapy

I believe that asthma in children is a correctable condition with the proper bodywork and dietary modifications. This is a very strong statement to make since the medical model classifies asthma as an incurable disease. Thousands of scientists around the world are now looking for the drug that will cure the disease. The only way to correct asthma in children is to get at the root cause of the problem. Once the physiological corrections are made, the disease can then fade away.

This article will briefly discuss the role of CFT in the treatment of asthma in children. It is my strong belief that in the future every pediatric office will have therapists trained to give natural care for the correction of children with asthma along with many other conditions. Better yet, I also believe that ultimately the BBS and CFT will prevent asthma at birth.

Pediatric asthma is the most prevalent chronic disease in children. In America 5 million children have the disease, making it the most expensive childhood chronic condition. The terrible fact is that over 5,000 Americans die each year of asthma, including many children. The drug treatments used today only manage the symptoms but never get at the root of the problem to correct the condition. Long-term drug therapy can create toxicity and side effects for children as they grow into adulthood. Natural care is an excellent way to eradicate this disease.

When a mother presents with her asthmatic child for evaluation, I will explain the condition in the simplest of terms. Asthmatic children have one thing in common: their respiratory systems are tight. The basic corrective process is to help loosen the body so that the respiratory system can function correctly. There are four important aspects in the correction of pediatric asthma.

First, fascial strain is the key for most asthmatic children. In the evaluation therapists check for strain in these important areas: the diaphragm, the left lung, the right lung, the tracheo-bronchial tree, the throat, and the nasal area. In my career every child with asthma has had fascial strain in at least one of these areas. It is the hallmark of the disease. Fascia can strain up to 2,000 pounds per square inch; if it is pulling anywhere in the respiratory system, asthma can easily result. Through a course of CFT weekly visits, the fascia can release and the breathing can begin to normalize for children.

The second area is a possible cranial restriction of the vagus nerve. This nerve originates from the brain stem, passes through the jugular foramen between the occiput and temporal bones, and down into the neck and trunk to innervate the breathing apparatus and other structures. If this nerve is compressed in the foramen or by strained fascia in the upper neck, it may not fire correctly to the respiratory system and cause asthmatic symptoms. CFT is a must to make sure both vagus nerves are free to work correctly.

The third area of evaluation is muscle tightness. Tight muscles can also create restriction of the respiratory system. Our main breathing muscle, the diaphragm, must be free to function properly. The secondary muscles such as the sternocleidomastoids, scalenes, and intercostals must also be relaxed for the respiratory system to work correctly.

The fourth and last area concerns diet. For the best possible results, children with asthma need a diet that is free of mucous forming foods. Dairy foods can be the biggest offenders. Mucus can get caught in the respiratory system and make breathing more difficult. A diet 100% free of dairy products (not cut back some!) and also wheat (gluten) for some children can be very helpful for the correction of asthma. Many medical doctors offer this advice to parents of asthmatic children. For further information about the health consequences of dairy products, please go to www.NotMilk.com.

For the best possible results for all children with asthma, all four points must be fully addressed. Today’s medical asthma care revolves around the management of the disease. Drugs only mask the problem and never get at the root of the condition. I believe that health care professionals doing CFT have a great opportunity to make a change for the better for children with asthma.

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