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Pediatric Bedwetting, Coughing, Back Pain, and Strabismus

When you are working in the craniosacral fascial system, many “separate” pediatric diseases may in reality have one basic root cause.

An eight-year-old boy with bedwetting issues, coughing, back pain, and strabismus presented for the Gillespie Approach. In the conventional pediatric world these are all “unrelated” conditions. In our world they all appear to be due to one craniosacral fascial strain.

At his fourth visit mom and I connected his dots in space and time. Strain was coming from his bladder area (bedwetting) into his back/diaphragm (pain and coughing) and running up into his left eye (strabismus).

I have posted similar stories connecting pediatric diseases in space and time. Some diseases may not necessarily be bacterial/viral/genetic, but structural in origin. It strongly appears that he had a compressive in-utero strain pattern from his pelvis to his head that connected all these dots together. The Gillespie Approach revisited that experience of tightness to help mitigate his current suffering.

A shift in thinking is necessary to go from the current pediatric medical to this broadened eclectic model. To understand the root cause of many pediatric conditions, we need to look at the function of the craniosacral fascial system in the space/time continuum. Better yet, we can prevent a lifetime of suffering with the work at birth. Let’s start life with happy and healthy babies.

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