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Peeling the Adult Asthmatic Onion Back to Birth

My heart sings reading this story. A woman writes from Belize in Central America to take the training.

“My main question for you is can I please learn how to practice your form of therapy. I will share a bit of my story:

I am 43-years-old, and my husband and I have been married for 25 years. We have had a heart for children for many years and we have cared for many before and during our married life.

We ran a group home in the wilds of Alaska for 8 years. During that time we ended up adopting 7 children, 6 of whom are siblings. During that time I also suffered a major concussion from one of our children in care. My health deteriorated and my husband felt the call to a warm climate, Belize.

Once here, we were recognized as the big family having 9 children, 7 special needs, FAS, RAD, etc. And then we were asked to take in a sibling group of 5. The children arrived in our home Sept. 1, 2017. 4 days later our oldest daughter had an accident that claimed our elderly neighbor’s life. Our daughter ended up in jail. Dealing with all of the trauma, doctoring our daughter, the new children’s trauma, etc. took its toll on my health again.

I have battled one thing after another…….migraines, asthma, allergies, extreme blood loss resulting in an emergency hysterectomy and I have not been able to gain my strength. UNTIL… daughter has been battling so many health issues, as well, since her accident. She found a lady that has given her her life back, and she told me to go for CFT, as well. The change in my life in two weeks time has been incredible. Thank you for teaching that lady!

We actually have a total of 16 children, 10 living in our home currently. All of our children in our home have trauma related issues and would benefit greatly from this treatment. Can you please teach me?

I had great plans to go to college to become a nurse when I was 16. My husband and I married at 18. I have been nurse, doctor, dentist, therapist, school teacher, gardener, cook, maid, and the list could go on, but what I have seen in my daughter’s life and experienced in my own life has been remarkable. What can I do to learn this therapy?

My husband fully supports me inquiring with you about this. He would benefit greatly, as well. I feel God has led me to that lady and I feel a deep desire, that I believe is also from God, to try to further help our children.”


As a follow-up, this woman was doing very well in therapy until she emailed me this update a month later:

“Twenty-five years ago I had asthma with breathing issues when I lived in Ohio. I have not had issues with asthma for years although I have had pneumonia for a couple of winters when we lived in Alaska. I was born with the cord wrapped around my neck, and I came out blue.

“I began having a feeling of lack of oxygen or not being able to get a full breath last week. By Friday morning, June 5, I went to the clinic and was put on oxygen, a nebulizer, an inhaler, and asthma medication of 10 mg Lukanex. However, my oxygen levels were totally fine.

“I received CFT on Tuesday of this week and felt real good afterwards. Thursday I was in distress again and ended up in the hospital where they ran many tests: EKG, lung X-rays, bloodwork, and kidney tests. Everything came back clear and good. My oxygen levels were just fine, as well.

“Today, I cannot take a full breath all of the time. I am weak. I can do very little. Can you explain any of this to me? Should I continue with more therapy? Have you had any situations similar to mine? Can you please give me any thoughts?”


As a disclaimer, I have never met this person. A therapist in Belize is doing the Gillespie Approach. I also never tell anyone what to do but only make suggestions, especially in a situation like this one.

That being said, I have seen this phenomenon many times over the years, especially with asthma. An adult will have Gillespie Approach therapy where old layers of trauma like asthma appear and need to be worked through.

I was quite surprised decades ago when the first patient explained this situation to me about his childhood asthma. I was puzzled. These were all discoveries happening in real time; there was no textbook or seminar training to guide me.

When I realized that the craniosacral fascial system holds all its emotional and physical traumas back to conception, it made perfect sense. The “onion layers of trauma” metaphor was born.

Since then, I have found that many of these patients were actually revisiting their birth trauma. The seeds of their childhood asthma were sown in soft tissue birth trauma.

This concept is very new to everyone. An adult in therapy revisits her/his childhood asthma and needs to clear her/his birth trauma for authentic healing now as an adult. Crazy! For most medical people this theory is from another galaxy, but this different method of thinking is the way true healing works in my world.

My suggestion to this woman would be to carefully continue CFT as her medical practitioners monitor her health, as needed. There may be other layers of birth trauma coming up resulting in headaches, backaches, or the like. My advise would be to let it all come out for complete healing.

When an adult comes to me for CFT, how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? If you want the whole enchilada, this is what you are potentially signing up for……

My thought is that because she was predisposed with latent respiratory strain from birth, she was more prone to the pneumonia episodes in Alaska. If her lungs had been clear, she would have been less likely to have contracted pneumonia.

Her birth trauma probably goes back to the cord wrapped around her neck and coming out blue. She is now reliving that specific feeling of breathlessness and needs to clear it completely with the Gillespie Approach. In a perfect world therapists would have dealt with that strain pattern on her first day of life.

My calling is all about the preventative work at birth. I rest my case.

July 1, 2020 Update

Barry, I have had a very interesting past 2 weeks and I wanted to give you an update on what happened.

On Monday, June 15th I went in for what was my 7th session of CFT therapy. My therapist did a great job again, and I was feeling so wonderful after my session. I could breathe clearly and without difficulty. I had a very good rest of the week and the following Monday, June 22nd, I had my 8th session.

Two days later the Sahara Dust arrived in Belize. By Friday I was having a very difficult time breathing, but this time it was a bit different. It felt like the blockage was more in my throat and my upper chest. Saturday I ended up having to go to the clinic where I was again put on oxygen and a nebulizer. After 2 medicated treatments, I was able to find some relief, but my breathing was still labored. The doctor was totally perplexed and didn’t really know what to do as my oxygen level was fine and my lungs were totally clear.

I remembered that my therapist had told me at my last therapy session that I had some very deep trauma that was needing to be worked out and that I could possibly need more therapy. It was on the left side of my head and neck and down into my upper back.

I struggled to breathe Saturday night and Sunday all day, so Monday morning I started working the spots myself. I worked my head, neck, and my upper chest and upper back. We have a pulsating vibrator that I was using very lightly, as well.

The pressure in my throat and upper chest was so much and at times it just simply felt hopeless. I felt like I was dying at 43-years-old leaving my husband with 10 children in our home to raise alone. So many thoughts went through my mind. Was the therapy real? Did it even help? What should I do now? My desire was to go to the garden, trim roses, plant flowers and feel alive again, but my body was simply not cooperating.

I continued to massage the spots I could feel needed help. I continued to pray for guidance on what to do. I struggled through every single breath. I was light-headed. I couldn’t think clearly. I laid on the couch. I gave the children instructions.

Our oldest daughter and her husband came out to visit us last evening. I sat in the reclining chair with my head slightly elevated. Around 8 pm something happened. I don’t know exactly how to explain it. Something happened in my chest, I felt an intense release, and then my head started to hurt with a lot of pressure, and I could totally breathe just fine. No struggle. Almost every breathe came normally. Then I got very, very tired. I just had to go to bed. I laid down on my bed and within 5 minutes I was sound asleep. I did not struggle with a single breath, and I slept all night long until 5 am this morning.

I got out of bed this morning in total amazement. I felt strong. I felt rested. I could breathe every single breath. I had so much energy. I thanked God for my new day of health!!!!

Yesterday evening I told my husband that something had happened and I could breathe better, but today I understand in a much clearer way the “layers of the onion.” I feel another layer of my onion has been healed.

There are really no other circumstances that have changed that would have just cleared my airways. We still have the beautiful, brown, dirty Sahara dust flying in our skies. It is still hot. It is still humid. It is still windy.

BUT….today I worked in the garden pulling weeds with the children. I danced around the house. I sang. I laughed. I could freely breathe each breath once again!!!!! My husband just looks on in amazement. The children are wondering if their mother is actually going to be ok again.

Thank you for your work and your research! My life has been bettered because of it. And by God’s grace I will continue to be “ok again.”

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