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Perfection at Conception

If a fetus is emotionally or physically traumatized, we hypothesize that it will compensate, adapt, rebalance, and do its best to establish homeostasis within the mother. The purpose of the Baby Brain Score (BBS) is to immediately, quickly, and non-invasively measure the severity of the trauma(s) to the central nervous system via the function of the craniosacral fascial system, even before any symptoms appear or a diagnosis is made.

The primary benefit of CFT/IDM is to effectively help mitigate these emotional and physical trauma(s) during the critical golden hour of medicine. I am on board with the important bonding time between baby and mom. But if I am a newborn in pain and distress, I want CFT/IDM asap while bonding on mom’s chest. Since the body remembers all of its craniosacral fascial strain, our goal is to reestablish “perfection at conception” as much as possible for that human being.

Our mission is for every newborn on the planet to have access to this work at birth. We find it unacceptable that potentially millions of people have to suffer their entire lives because they had a difficult birth. We want to attract people who believe what we believe to make that happen.

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Dr. Barry Gillespie

Dr. Barry Gillespie founded Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, which provides patients with a freely moving brain, spinal cord and fascial web, all critical to optimal health. Dr. Barry Gillespie also created the Baby Brain Score and discovered effective therapeutic techniques for newborns and infants. Read more about Dr. Barry Gillespie.

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