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A Possible Cause for Convergence Insufficiency

Thank you mayoclinic.org for the following definition: “Convergence insufficiency occurs when your eyes don’t work together while you’re trying to focus on a nearby object. When you read or look at a close object, your eyes need to turn inward together (converge) to focus. This gives you binocular vision, enabling you to see a single image. Convergence insufficiency can cause difficulty with reading. This may make parents or teachers suspect that a child has a learning disability, instead of an eye disorder.”

From our infant research and clinical observations in children and adults, I believe convergence insufficiency may be due to birth trauma to the craniosacral fascial system. One eye may be involved in one strain pattern and another eye may be involved in another strain pattern. Unless both strain patterns are worked out, one would expect the eyes to have difficulty working together. I believe that this may be another preventative reason to do the BBS/CFT/IDM directly at birth.

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