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Possible Causes for Adult Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue, and Sleep Issues

I often see perplexed adults who have clean diets and lifestyles, but still suffer with depression, anxiety, fatigue, and sleep issues. This story may uncover some possible causes.

A forty-five-year-old woman presents with these issues. I noted nothing unusual in her history. She had the expected zero-second brain cycle and tight body.

In therapy she immediately went into a deep extension or arching position where the fascia was pulling hard from her pelvis into her head. Since she kept reverting back into this position, I hypothesized that she was an archer from birth. Because the fascial web remembers that fetal strain, her body had held its effects for her entire life. Ouch.

The recent third visit was especially rough. She was feeling great discomfort with the arching patterns straining deeper into her trunk. When she also had a choking feeling with labored breathing, the red ring of the umbilical cord wrap popped up on her throat. She then related that she had many sore throats as a child.

The bottom line is that she has lived for 45 years with two of our most difficult fascial birth traumas, arching and cord wrap. (For the record, the third would be sustained fetal compression and the fourth, a tight, difficult-expanding uterus.) Regardless of her excellent diet and lifestyle, I believe these two strain patterns have kept her locked into an unhappy body.

Forty-five years ago nobody knew the potential negative ramifications of these traumas, but today we do. The pediatric profession must wake up to the critical importance of soft tissue birth trauma. It is my sincere wish that all newborns on the planet are checked so that millions of people do not have to suffer needlessly.

Every infant’s fascial web holds the memory of her/his in utero, labor, and delivery physical and emotional traumas. Since s(he) knows innately how to heal herself/himself, the provider just needs to listen to the body and facilitate the corrective process.

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