Possibly Preventing Scoliosis at Birth

A former student consulted with me on a difficult adult case. It reinforced in my mind the importance of the work at birth to mitigate a lifetime of suffering.

Her patient had Harrington Rod surgery at 12 for scoliosis, resulting in lower back fusion. At 14 she had eight teeth extracted followed with extensive orthodontics. Now in her mid 40s she is trying to manage a lifetime of health issues.

From our infant research we believe that the seeds of scoliosis can be sown as craniosacral fascial strain from in utero birth trauma. In my perfect world we would have identified tightness at six minutes of age with the Baby Brain Score (BBS) and mitigated the effects of as much trauma as possible in the first day or two of life with the Gillespie Approach. We believe she would have left the hospital a different child.

My goal is for these stories to stop happening.

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