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Posterior Tongue Tie

A three-week-old baby presented with a diagnosis of posterior tongue tie. The lactation consultant told mom to have bodywork first and then surgery, if needed—my thoughts exactly.

He had trouble latching and even taking the nipple of a bottle. He was not pulling enough milk and needed to feed every hour. He cannot stand the pacifier and has a weak cry (vocal cord fascial strain). Mom said his tongue was not functioning correctly (tongue fascial strain).

He was born purple with the umbilical cord wrapped three times. He did not take his first breath for about 30 seconds. If you have been following my posts, you are now connecting the dots of his history to his present issues. I am just waiting for the world to see that also.

Just as I had expected, he had tremendous fascial strain around his neck. The fascial web was still holding the strain from the cord wrapped, possibly for some people for their entire lives. He had a zero-second brain cycle, and the rest of his fascial web was unusually loose.

His neck fascia released exceptionally well, and his brain cycle opened to 90 seconds—a great first visit. Since there was fascial strain in his tongue, I hypothesize that the neck fascial strain from his cord trauma was probably creating the posterior tongue tie. We will see as therapy unfolds over a series of visits.

Pediatricians need to understand that fascial strain is a big deal in their clinical practices. From children with asthma, earaches, and headaches to infants with colic, reflux, and breastfeeding issues, doctors need to step outside their technological, drug, and surgery box. When they open to the concept of corrective soft tissue care, happy babies and children can become the rule, not the exception.

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