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Postpartum Depression Revisited

I wanted to share a case story as I feel many could relate to it either professionally or personally.

We have been providing CFT sessions for this specific family since 2009. Everyone in the family has received CFT, and one of the children participated in our infant research in 2010. They are huge supporters of the work and have experienced many positive results amongst each member of the family.

Last year, the mother (I will refer to her as R) announced that she was pregnant. It was unexpected and required some acceptance on her part as she stated that she was “done having children.” After several weeks of praying and deep reflection, R completely and wholeheartedly became overjoyed to welcome another child into the family.

Just as she settled into the pregnancy, she was diagnosed with DVT at 15 weeks and, of course, placed on blood thinners. She self-administered 2 to 3 injections per day in many sites across her abdomen for the duration of the pregnancy. Her pregnancy was filled with intense fear and tremendous disappointment.

I discussed the importance of her receiving CFT after delivery since I knew the injections were going to create a network of restrictions AND I knew the emotional trauma would be locked inside that tissue.

Fast forward to now. It’s been 10 months since the birth of her son. R resumed CFT sessions after she was cleared and released from medical care. She began having significant neck pain, fatigue and feelings of just being low emotionally. Upon palpating her body, I found all the restrictions pulling from her abdomen/injection sites to her neck and occiput into a twisting pattern.

We are now three CFT sessions into the injection sites and she has reported how great she is feeling. The neck pain is gone, but most importantly, she is feeling emotionally like herself again. She is able to release the disappointment and fear that she has been carry since she discovered she was pregnant. She is able to heal herself physically and emotionally.

So many times I have heard people say to a woman who has endured a traumatic delivery or stressful pregnancy, “At least you have a healthy child.” While these statements are coming from the best intentions, it doesn’t diminish the trauma that is stored in this woman’s body. I believe that these restrictions can manifest as postpartum depression and other anxieties that occur after delivery.

As I work with many women postpartum, I see women heal physically and emotionally after receiving CFT. I have seen fear, pain, depression and disappointment turn into peace and joy.

I see women being able to truly connect with their babies for the first time.

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