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A Potential Health Discovery

I want to share my discovery that has saved me from some potentially difficult health situations. It may work for you too.

In 1980 I became interested in Kirlian photography and auras, the energy fields around the body. To my amazement I discovered forty years ago that I could feel and time my brain motion when I placed my hands in the aura inches from my head.

What I discovered in time was that if I placed a substance that my body was not happy with in the energy field over my heart, my brain cycle restricted by going to zero seconds. When I took it away from my body, my brain cycle went back to normal. It was a fast and easy early warning detection system.

To test myself, I originally held my head to feel for brain motion. I later found that I could put the tip of my tongue on the roof of my mouth and feel the maxillary bones moving up and down. If a negative substance entered my field, these bones froze.

This was a subtle way to see if a substance was energetically compatible with my body. I believe it can be helpful because we each carry a different vibration and can react differently to the same thing.

For instance, everyone considers walnuts as an excellent food. But when I place them in my energy field, my brain cycle immediately goes to zero seconds. Many people are fine with dairy products, but my brain cycle reacts right away. My body is saying that I do not want these products, even before I consume them.

This method can also be used for supplements, medications, dental materials, and almost anything you are introducing to the body.

I found it helpful for general issues too. If I go under high tension wires or in an area with heavy EMFs, my brain cycle will go to zero seconds. If I enter a room and pick up a noxious smell like mold, my brain cycle will go to zero. When I leave these areas, my normal brain cycle will return.

Again, this is my discovery with no medical scientific confirmation. If you try it, please let me know if it works for you.

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