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Preventing Hydrocephalus in an Infant

Kelly Rice posts from the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, area about a hydrocephalic baby. Kelly is in Pennsylvania’s Early Intervention program, and we are grateful she shares her unique CFT stories with us.

“I have been seeing this little one with hydrocephalus weekly and working on any tightness….very minimal and very subtle…..mostly around her face, forehead, and temples. She fell asleep for me last week, and I got a brain cycle of 40 seconds (20 seconds expansion, 20 seconds contraction), very rhythmic and steady. BUT the good news…her head circumference has remained unchanged the past month! We had been seeing steady increases to the point where the neurosurgeon was worried he may need to shunt her. In between my sessions we are using an essential oil blend that I concocted to reduce tension on the back of her neck and forehead. She has been happy, playing, and trying to creep on her hands and knees since 3/15/16. Before she was fussy and seemed to be in discomfort. Needless to say, the family is VERY happy and relieved. In the words of my Amish mom, “there is no question that craniosacral fascial therapy (CFT) is the reason she is doing so well and will save her from a major surgery.”…So thank you again for the gift!”

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