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Pyloric Stenosis

There was another possible discovery today. A newborn had intermittent projectile vomiting. The physicians tested the infant for pyloric stenosis, which was not present. I have now seen the infant for a number of visits and the reflux is still present. In our research the reflux was usually the last condition to go, probably because the fascial strain was deep in the body in the esophageal area/stomach area. So I asked mom was the throwup liquid or curdy? She said some of both.

In our research Mike Myers came up with a brilliant observation (this is what he does): If it was curdy, it had started digestion in the stomach after an hour or so and had trouble passing to the small intestine. The pyloric valve area was probably involved. If it was watery, it had not started digestion and the problem was probably in the LES area between the esophagus and stomach…….. So I knew that since the infant still has occasional projectile vomiting, I assumed that there was probably some strain in the pyloric valve area, but not enough to present on medical testing and not enough to create a problem 100% of the time. Sure enough, CFT showed some fierce strain in the pyloric valve area all the way up into the throat…….The lesson: just because the medical model has ruled out pyloric stenosis does not mean there may be some fascial strain there causing pyloric stenosis “tendencies”. When you are thinking through these issues, you need to think a little bit out of the box and connect the dots. Discoveries are seeing what everyone else sees but thinking differently.

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