Reflux, Constipation

Mike and I were thinking about releasing a baby after 5 visits, but there was still a little strain and Mike said, one more visit. Good thing since today mom said there was a lot of reflux THAT HAD NEVER PRESENTED BEFORE and some constipation. Immediately in CFT the baby went into a big arch that had never presented and took 3 sessions in today’s visit to work out. We will see her again too. There is no doubt that newborns have an onion. In CFT we have no idea what/when will present. This child, left untreated, may have “grown out” of some conditions but have grown into reflux, which was always there. If you start doing a lot of BBS/CFT, you will see it is fascinating. You will be making incredible discoveries……It is exciting to connect the dots for newborns…..Happy Holiday

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