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Respiratory Compression at Birth

A four-year-old girl presents with continual bouts of pneumonia. After four bronchoscopies during her lifetime, her doctor diagnosed her with reactive airway disease.

She was born at 36 weeks as a twin. She was a distinct grunter at birth, a tip off for future breathing problems. Since her head and neck were seen on ultrasound in the birth canal for 27 weeks, she wore a helmet after her birth for months to help correct her plagiocephaly and torticollis.

She had RSV at 12 months and has intermittent swallowing difficulty and fluency. She takes albuterol as needed for her breathing condition.

In therapy her trunk felt like a heavy weight was being lifted off as her fascial web released. A compressed set of lungs from soft tissue birth trauma dramatically opened her zero-second brain cycle. The fascial releases continued later in the session as her tracheobronchial tree and throat started to let go. I expect her to do well with further therapy.

My Initial Question

Why does an otherwise healthy child contract recurring pneumonia?

My Answer

She is predisposed to lung disease because her respiratory fascia is tight from sustained soft tissue fetal compression as a twin.

My Solution

Help her body free up her fascial web over a series of visits to restore normal breathing and health.

My Calling

Show the world the connection between tight fascia and disease and more importantly, the need for the work at birth.

Neonatologists need to realize the merit of the newborn work. Hospital administrators need to understand its health benefits. Insurance companies need to see its preventative financial value. Trained therapists need to provide it directly at birth.

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