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Some Roadblocks in Becoming a Happy Baby

The Gillespie Approach can be effective in turning fussy babies into happy babies. But sometimes the road to correction can have some potholes.

Some babies, who have multiple physical and emotional traumas over the forty-week period, may need many visits of therapy. For instance, babies with severe arching strain can be a difficult to clear. Sometimes impatient parents stop therapy after a few visits because in their minds their child has not healed fast enough.

A few mothers may not be able to handle their baby crying during the first visit. Sometimes a grandmother throws doubt about this new therapy into the mind of the mother. Sometimes dad is not on board with this approach.

Occasionally we see a baby who is better, but not 100% happy. Dairy consumption can be the main issue. Mom would need to eliminate dairy 100% for a few weeks to see how the baby responds. Not every mom wants to hear that advice.

If a fussy baby becomes strain-free, dairy-free, and still has issues, s(he) may need to be referred out for medical evaluation for a possible rare metabolic or genetic condition like congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (CCHS).

The best solution is for the newborn to be checked and treated during day one in the hospital. As part of the covered hospital birth package, the parents would leave with a calmer baby who can breathe well, nurse well, digest well, poop well, and nap well.

Neonatologists need to realize the merit of the newborn work. Trained therapists need to provide it directly at birth. Hospital administrators need to understand its health benefits. Insurance companies need to see its preventative value.

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