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Severe Constipation

In therapy we are getting more precise about the location of fascial restrictions.

A severely constipated baby presented recently with having a bowel movement every seven days. His doctor was not concerned because he was still breastfeeding. In our world, breastfeeding or not, seven days is a huge red flag for intestinal fascial restriction.

Upon examination his entire abdominal area was tight. After two therapy sessions, these tissues started to release, and he was responding well by going every five days.

I asked the parents to be patient with the work since fascia has a mind of its own. You cannot “fix” it. We just listen to the body and wait for it to release when it is ready to do so.

After three more visits, mom reported he had gone six times in the last eight days, a positive sign. But she noticed redness around his butt, and he was struggling in pain right before his bowels moved.

At that visit his small intestines and most of his colon were supple. I spent that session helping to loosen the last segment of his large intestine, the deeper sigmoid colon and rectal areas.

The big questions: If left untreated now, will he be more predisposed to the later six bowel diseases as described in the June 24, 2020, post? If so, can those diseases originate from birth trauma and be prevented with therapy at birth?

Pediatricians need to understand that fascia is a big deal in their world. They need to step outside their technology, drug, and surgery box. They need to open to the structural healing aspects of infants and children. They need to accept that happy babies and children are the rule, not the exception.

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