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Severe Social Anxiety and Medication

I was shocked when I heard this story.

A young woman, who had been experiencing upper-body pain for years, suffered with severe social anxiety. When she was four, she had a sledding accident where she struck her right eye, resulting in double vision.

She experienced a personality change from a bubbly child to a recluse, never leaving her mother’s side. She had so much social anxiety that this very conservative family took her to a psychiatrist at ten years of age. She took prescription drugs because her parents just did not know what to do.

Maybe I am an old-school individual, but I was shocked to hear this story. Instead of looking for the root cause of the problem, the medical model was quick to put a young girl on heavy drugs.

The girl had said a key point to her parents soon after the accident: “My stomach hurts.” She continued to say this for years, and no medical professional believed her.

On examination, I found a severe fascial strain pattern running from her right eye down into her stomach. She was telling the truth. My eyes are now tearing just writing this story.

When I worked in her stomach area, her fascial web released slowly. Without touching her head and neck, her brain cycle started to open. When she left the office, her brain cycle was at 70 seconds.

She complained to her mother that her stomach really hurt on the ride home. Understandably, she was revisiting that trauma. On the next visit, she opened to 150 seconds with no stomach reaction on the way home. I expect her to do well with treatment.

My suggestion for patients suffering from head trauma and other neurological issues, let’s try to normalize neurophysiology first before going on medication. Let’s try to help the body heal itself before putting a potentially toxic lifetime Band-Aid on the problem.

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