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Short Cord and Large Intestine Strain

Baby Day in Dover Post: 2 weeks ago we met a 3.5 month old baby boy that I posted about. This little boy came to us with a short cord at birth. Mom reported that he just was fussy, refluxing, nursing issues…the norm, she says. So, we ended up seeing him last week privately and then again today at Baby Day. Well, mom brought her sister today with her baby insisting that she too get treatment! The little boys mom was smiling ear to ear, almost in disbelief that her baby was SO much better! And she states, “He has only had 2 treatments before today!” Mom. Also told us that she didn’t truly realize just how much discomfort her little boy was in until he became HAPPY and RELAXED! Mom reported significant improvement in nusing, sleeping, reflux a minimum and that he is now a happy baby able to just be comfortable lying there playing. So, we began treatment as the infant smiled through the first round. Second round we encountered sigficant strain into the belly button and straight down into the large intestines. This wasn’t releasing. Very intense! So, we triggered the left TMJ and there it was! The connection! TMJ into the pelvis connected to the large intestines and belly button! When it release, this little boy looked at us, took a deep breathe, stopped crying and then smiled! Within minutes, he was peacefully asleep and completely content in his mothers arms! This baby just feels tremendously different. In addition, mom can’t believe how soft her sons belly is now. She said she had always wondered why it was so hard. Short cord=belly strain. He left with such a soft abdomen! Another very successful day in Dover!

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