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Similar Delivery Outcomes Can Create Different Diseases

Trauma can look the same at birth, but can have different outcomes in life.

A Gillespie Approach treated mom brought her 13-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son for evaluation and treatment yesterday. Both home births resulted in blue babies.

Her daughter now presented with sinus allergies; her right neck fascia was straining hard into her sinuses. I first saw this phenomenon in 1978 when I discovered that the neck fascia could readily pull on the eyes/sinuses. If the lower back/pelvic fascia was pulling into the neck, this area was the root of the cranial issues.

Most people take allergy medication and shots that only manage their condition. The Gillespie Approach attempts to find the cause and help the body heal/correct it.

Her son presented with headaches, allergies, and exercise-induced asthma. His left chest/lung fascia was straining forcefully into his zero-second brain cycle head. His three conditions may be all due to birth trauma.

With his first Gillespie Approach session connecting his lung and neck, his mother became startled when he started to retrace and wheeze like an asthma attack was imminent. That event told me we were revisiting and clearing the causative birth trauma.

I expect that both children will do well. I believe that the work at birth would have spared this family needless suffering.

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