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Space-Time Continuum Revisited

A woman in her 20s is deep in her CFT onion. She has had long-standing neck strain, rounded shoulders, and vulvodynia (chronic vulvar pain without an identifiable cause). I believe her core issue is a bicornuate utero strain pattern that affected her neck, rounded her shoulders, and sent a strain pattern down into her genital area. All these dots are now strongly connecting with CFT.

It was interesting during our six years of research when Krissy, Mike, and I literally watched many strains being worked out in hundreds of infants. We never really knew how they would manifest as specific conditions later in life. We just knew that strain was coming out. A similar situation exists with the BBS/CFT/IDM model at birth. Families will never know what their child would have had later in life if left untreated…..headaches, asthma, cognitive issues, and a possible more severe brain injury.

I have discussed this fascinating topic many times. This space-time continuum is a different way of thinking in health care. In current philosophy maybe no one on the planet would ever connect these three conditions together in space and time. Providers need to think differently with awareness of the possible ramifications of untreated birth trauma. The consciousness needs to awaken. Better yet, let’s preventively deal with the problem directly at birth.

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