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Stork Bite

It’s true that clients teach us as much or more as our teachers do. I recently had a Mom come into Project Latch, nearly hopeless about continuing to breastfeed. Her little guy was a tight one with a Baby Brain Score of 4. During the physical exam we noted many things, including a thin, red vertical line in the skin extending up his forehead from frontal ridge to hair line. Next to the line was a one inch oval shaped spot to the left of the line. Red and splotchy in appearance. Doctors told her it was a “stork bite” and would eventually fade away. No comment on cause or impact.

When we arrived at the first improvement plateau, Mom came in with an amazing observation. She noted a distinct, white dot of tissue on the roof of the mouth at the border between hard and soft palates. Upon palpation, the “dot” poked down into the mouth space, and it was clear that the central ridge where the hard palate bones come together terminated directly into that dot.

As that session progressed, it hit me that the tissue I was working with in side the mouth was likely responsible for the markings on the forehead. The “stork bite” that was meaningless to the doctors was actually a surface reflection of what was happening inside the cranium of this struggling little guy.

That session was a true turning point. Baby T is nursing full time again. Mom, who once had been in excruciating pain during nursing, is now getting through with minimal discomfort.

What struck me after reflecting on Baby T’s sessions is how much is being missed at the level of the physical exam in pediatric offices. The Gillespie Approach not only gives us tools to address strain when we find it, but when the craniosacral fascial system is understood through this paradigm, physical presentations can actually reveal much more about internal function and neuro-fascial health that previously known.

….more to come on this topic. I’d love some stories and feedback on what we are finding out there in the field.

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