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A new family came into our practice on Wednesday and brought their baby in for CFT for several different problems. The first thing I observed was the familiar “crow-like” sound to her cry during the examination. This sound was indicative to the cases of stridor that we had seen during the infant research.

During treatment, I found a tremendous amount of tightness in the pelvic floor, which is where I began CFT. The mother and I listened to the quality of the infant’s cry change several times during the pelvic unwinding. It went from the strange “musical ” inhalation (with some gagging ) to a strong belting cry upon the release of the pelvis.

The release was both visual and audible to the mother, which gave her an awesome explanation of how CFT works…..much more powerful than my explanation about the work. The pelvic work alone released enough of the throat strain (without applying any additional throat or upper body techniques ) to return her baby’s breathing back to normal.

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