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Stridor Followup from 6/27/16

I am writing a follow-up from my post last week about the baby with stridor breathing/cry. The mother reported to Mike today at her session that the baby had improved tremendously since last week. The fussiness was much less, infant was sleeping better, breast-feeding better, and breathing better.

Mike asked if there were any new symptoms since last week’s treatment, and the mother reported some spitting up. As I overheard Mike working with the baby, I heard the “crow”-like sound go in and out of the infant’s voice only 2 times during treatment. Last week, it was present all of the time.

Mike found minimal strain in the pelvic floor this time. The area of concentration today for this baby was some arching through the lumbar and diaphragm areas, which traced up into the throat. Upon release of the arching, the infant’s cry became even stronger. Again, no throat or upper body techniques were needed for this little one to release her throat. We suspect that this residual throat tightness caused the spitting up and hope to see it clear out as the rest of this baby’s body releases and heals.

Gratefully we work with smart moms who understand that as the body is healing, symptoms will come and go in a non-linear manner. The “growing out of” conversation is becoming a thing of the past with our mothers.

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