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Structural Immunity in a Ten-Year-Old Girl

This is my wish for the world.

A ten-year-old girl presented for a checkup visit. I have not seen her since infancy. It was a delight because I rarely see my treated babies later in life.

When I work on infants, I want them to have a brain cycle of at least 200 seconds and be strain-free. When I examined this child, I found that she had a 200-second brain cycle, and I could not feel any fascial strain in her body. Wow.

The amazing fact is that she held her long brain cycle for ten years. In our Lancaster infant research, we saw that toddlers would retain their long brain cycle for up to two years, but we were not sure how long that would last with aging.

She was presenting with no health issues and rarely, if ever, went to a doctor. I got excited because this is the potential that I see for all the world’s children.

There is some unknown factor that we saw with newborns in that they could have trauma and still maintain their long brain cycles. I coined the term “structural immunity” where a toddler could have a serious fall but still maintain a long brain cycle. 

When our therapy is delayed later into the first year, that benefit seems to disappear where a child’s brain cycle more likely can drop to zero seconds with trauma. A window of opportunity exists at birth that apparently reboots the craniosacral fascial system from birth trauma.

She has had the typical childhood falls but one especially nasty one at two years of age. In falling and hitting the side of her head on concrete, she became black and blue, but no facial bones were broken.

Structural immunity is a fascinating bonus of the work. Parents often present with the sole goal of having a happy baby. But their child also has the strong potential for getting a great start in life without having to compensate body function around the traumas of birth.

Every newborn needs to have this therapy available to be the best she or he can be.

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