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Researchers believe that stuttering is caused by four factors: genetic, brain activity, environmental, and language development. I would like to add a fifth cause—birth trauma creating restriction of the craniosacral fascial system.

A teen presents with numerous issues including stuttering. His father also stutters. At ten pounds he was a poor nurser who needed a tongue-tie revision. Since he had colic and severe constipation, where his bowels moved every 10-14 days, he was tight from birth. He also had ear tubes as a toddler.

Clinically, his brain cycle was zero seconds with tightness everywhere in his body. He also presented with a high-vaulted palate and a cross-bite on his right side. I will suggest brain-friendly orthodontics at the end of my therapy.

It is easy to say that since his father is a stutter, it is in the genes, end of story. I heard the same false argument in the 1980s with pediatric asthma and other afflicted family members. The root of that issue was fascial strain in the respiratory system.

As I worked on his body for a few visits, a deep pelvic and trunk strain appeared to twist through his neck into his head. He later reported that he was seeing improvement in his stuttering where he was more comfortable speaking with his friends, and his grandparents had noticed a difference.

At the last visit his body presented an unusual position. As he went into a deep arching pattern, his neck twisted completely to one side, and then into a marked tilt. I had never before seen that extreme a fascial pattern in any patient.

I believe the root cause of his stuttering was from sustained twisted compression as a large fetus. We will see.

Our work deals with universal and timeless facts; every human being spends time in a uterus and everyone experiences birth. 90% of us have soft tissue strain from delivery, labor, and fetal traumas. Let’s work the tightness out on day one to prevent a lifetime of suffering.

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