Sucking Power and Upper Lip/Frenulum Strain

Just as the neck fascia can pull on the sinuses, eyes, and other cranial structures, it can also strain the upper lip and frenulum inhibiting nursing.

Baby J’s major issue was a lack of sucking power due to a tight upper lip. Mom had great success with the Gillespie Approach with her first baby and wanted to try therapy first for her second baby before a frenulum laser revision.

When I connected the dots in therapy, her neck went into a severe arch, pulling hard on her upper lip to the point where it became bright red. We saw this color phenomenon often in our research; we believe the superficial fascial was straining the epithelium. I expect that the nursing will significantly improve as this strain releases over the next few visits.

My desire is for the Gillespie Approach to allow every baby on the planet to nurse well after birth.

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