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Swallowing, Reflux

Baby Day Post: Krissy, Mike, and I are continually amazed at the work. After 3 visits a mom reported that her baby was fine except for swallowing difficulty. He could suck fine. When we held the throat alone and did all of the oral work, there was no strain. But when we held the throat and pelvis, we found the pelvis was pulling hard into the throat. The throat cleared, and the swallowing was fine. Since then, we have seen this on other babies too. So be sure to connect the dots. The body is all connected through the craniosacral fascial system…….Reflux is almost always the last condition to be worked out for an infant. We were once again reminded of the newborn onion. We saw a baby for a number of visits for reflux and it would not clear, even with the base of the tongue technique. Then on the seventh visit that area was clear and the reflux was still present. But a new strain pattern from the right hip into the right shoulder into the throat from deep in the onion appeared that was causing the problem. Think about this point when an adult comes to you and expects to be “fixed up” in 2 or 3 visits. Good luck on that one.

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