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Tethered Cord

I recently saw a 10-week-old infant with tethered cord. He and mom had a traumatic delivery, resulting in an aneurysm of his umbilical cord.

He had lots of crying at home, would not tolerate his car seat, and had to be held all of the time. He was extremely rigid.

The doctor approved CFT for the infant. The first session was the day before his MRI, ordered to confirm the diagnosis of tethered cord.

The baby clinically was incredibly tight with zero brain and sacral cycles. He had fascial strains throughout his entire back from his occiput to his sacrum. Basically he felt like a board.

The entire session consisted of working through that tightness. The dural tube, restricted at his lumbar and sacrum, loosened after CFT.

The MRI the next day confirmed the tethered cord. The doctor said his case was unusual because of the lower than usual location of the tether.

At the second session mom reported significant improvement. Her baby was comfortable laying on his back and in his car seat. He was smiling more and was less stiff. She was extremely excited for his follow-up treatment.

In CFT his back was much looser. I found strain in his shoulders and across the lumbar portion of his trunk. His dural tube freed up more in the sacral and lumbar areas.

I was hoping to see him for more visits, but mom canceled yesterday’s visit because he was doing so well. We had the same issue after our 332 baby research with only 125 returning for a checkup. The non-returning moms said their toddler was doing well and did not see the need for another visit.

We hope to check him after his surgery.

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