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The Cord Wrapped Three Times

This story exemplifies our primary goal of preventing a lifetime of suffering because of a difficult birth. Yesterday, I evaluated a five-year-old boy with very thick glasses. When I see young children in public with glasses, I ask myself this question: Why would any child have poor eyesight at such a young age? He also had neck pain. Why would a five-year-old child have neck pain? I believe that these answers for many children lie in undiagnosed and untreated craniosacral fascial strain from birth trauma.

I am living proof of the ocular benefits of CFT. I wore glasses for 50 years with 20/120 vision (near-sighted) in both eyes. After many visits of CFT, my vision gradually corrected in both eyes to 20/15. We all know that is not supposed to happen in your 60s. In reality I had to peel my onion of trauma back with CFT to fully heal my own birth trauma.

This boy was born with the cord wrapped three times around his neck. Mom said the pediatrician had never seen that before (never good to hear as a new parent). He had reflux as an infant and many ear infections with resulting tubes. He is still chronically sick with constant ear, sinus, and throat issues.

On evaluation he had zero brain and sacral cycles. He presented with severe strain from his upper chest into his head. His neck was exceedingly tight. I expect that strain to be pulling into his eyes. He had a narrow high-vaulted palate that needed “brain-friendly” orthodontic maxillary expansion. Fortunately his lower body was fairly loose.

With CFT he opened to a 60-second brain cycle, a good first visit. But he was wearing metal frame glasses which took his brain cycle back down to zero. Mom said he will wear his plastic-framed sports glasses instead. I also explained to her that his astigmatism would probably correct with further CFT visits, and his vision would probably improve necessitating new lenses. She happily discounted the added expense.

If I ruled the world, this child would have been red-flagged at birth with a zero umbilical cord score in the Baby Brain Score (BBS). He would have had CFT/IDM immediately to mitigate the trauma to his body. He would have had treatment every day as a newborn until his strain patterns completely cleared. His palate would have easily expanded, possibly eliminating the need for orthodontics. I believe that the first five years of his life would have been completely different.

In forty years of practice I have found that many of my adult patients’ conditions were due to birth trauma. The bottom line of this post is to bring awareness to birth professionals and parents/grandparents in expanding their current understanding of birth trauma from hemorrhage, fracture, and hematoma to include soft tissue craniosacral fascial strain injuries. Let’s stop the needless suffering.

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