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The Cord Wrapped Three Times

My dear friend went into labor with her 6th baby. Everyone was prepared for labor and delivery to go quickly when her water broke at home. Long story short, her progress stalled, and she called me to do CFT on her 28 hours after her water had broken. She had a 36 hour window to give birth, or she would have to be induced at the hospital.

After CFT, her labor picked up, and the baby was born 7 hours later. She asked me to do continual CFT on her during the last hour of hard natural labor. CFT definitely helped her pelvis open more easily.

The plot twists because the baby was born with the umbilical cord wrapped 3x around his neck! His pulse was very good but he was working really hard to breath……SO STRAINED.

After 15 min of CFT, his breathing immediately improved! Grandma, who was watching, said it almost looked like he was saying, ‘Ahhhh, thank you so much!’

The midwife strongly recommended the baby to go to the hospital where they found he had a collapsed lung.

DAY 2 – He had CFT with wonderful releases. One was a huge emotional release where he screamed in anger for quite awhile. The following day the baby’s lung had healed itself.

DAY 4 – Overall the baby was not nursing well and was diagnosed with a slight tongue tie. He received more CFT, focusing on oral work. One hour later he latched on beautifully and was nursing away!

I thank God for creating our body to heal and for giving insight how to ask, listen, and assist with CFT.

Without CFT, this would probably have been an emergency C-section with a baby boy possibly headed for a lifetime of severe asthma.

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