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The Eyes and CFT

There are many ocular aspects where the eyes can possibly heal with CFT (like mine did in my 60s by mitigating in utero trauma).

  1. Physical trauma can distort the seven eye bones, put pressure on an eye, and create pathology. This old cranial osteopathic concept still rings true today. For example, a blow directly from the top of the head can push the frontal bone down and compress an eye from above. A maxillary molar dental extraction can force the maxilla upwards and compress an eye from below.
  2. Fascia from below the eyes (even from the legs) can pull on the eyes and create pathology. I believe the infant body arching (extension) can pull on the eyes. The current ophthalmological concept isolates the eyes into a world of their own inside their fixed boney orbits. I believe that the eyes are structurally dependent on everything around them. The first order of CFT business is to relieve this external full-body pressure.
  3. Fascial strain in the six major eye muscles (superior oblique, inferior oblique, medial rectus, lateral rectus, superior rectus, and inferior rectus) can create strabismus. Every muscle cell has a fascial wrapping around it. I believe that fascial strain in these muscles need to be released for the eyes to possibly return to normal alignment.
  4. Fascial strain can exist within the orbit. The vitreous matrix, the eye’s unique fascial web, needs to be relaxed to work correctly. Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) in premature infants may be a result of strain in this immature matrix pulling the retina off the boney wall to create blindness.
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