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The Eyes and Kidneys

We had an interesting case with a 12-month-old child this week, and it is the second time we have seen this particular strain pattern and wondered if anyone else has seen this? It is a connection between the eyes and kidneys. His mother thought he might have some issues with his kidneys, but it was only when i put my hands on his kidneys and had her cover his left eye, which was slightly smaller and red at the time, that his body started to unwind. He arched and went up off the table. We did that three more times and after a full release, his eye was completely open.

Upon researching the Chinese meridians, we found the meridian that runs through the eye is also the bladder meridian and connects towards the kidneys. It was interesting to us because both the eye and the kidney had to be palpated at the same time in order to feel any fascial strain. Has anybody seen this correlation between fascial strain and meridians? It seems obvious that there would be a correlation…maybe it is something that should researched further in conjunction with this work?

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