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The Importance of the BBS/CFT/IDM at Birth

For the new readers the craniosacral fascial system holds all of the major physical and emotional traumas from conception. The goal for a CFT provider is to facilitate the release of these traumas to allow the body to heal faster and function better.

Our primary global goal is to do the BBS/CFT/IDM at birth to prevent future health issues. Birth trauma is a universal phenomenon; birthing may be the most difficult thing we do in life.

After an acceptable five-minute APGAR score, in my perfect world the BBS would be done on mom’s chest to check the function of the central nervous system. If CFT was indicated, the first session would happen on her chest. The newborn would receive multiple sessions every day until s(he) cleared all presenting strain. Lest we forget, mom would also be checked with CFT.

Dr. Frymann’s brilliant research in the 1960s found that 88% of 1,250 hospital newborns had craniosacral restriction. Hearing similar patterns from CFT providers worldwide, we strongly anticipate most newborns on the planet will need therapy.

This preventative aspect directly at birth is a different way of thinking. In the current health care system a condition(s) needs to develop and present, professional evaluation/testing is done, a diagnosis is made, and then treatment is instituted. With a less than perfect BBS, we have no idea what condition(s), if any, will present down the road. The neonate has not lived long enough to actually develop a disease.

This child may have a future of colic, reflux, asthma, scoliosis, a cognitive issue, and/or a long list of other conditions. By helping to take the traumatic strain out at birth, we are preventing the unknown and creating a happy and healthy baby.

The craniosacral fascial system can now have optimal function and the capability to work well on its own. We just want to help to free her/him from the negative craniosacral fascial effects of her/his birth trauma. If there is a severe trauma later in childhood, more CFT can help to mitigate it.

We believe this approach will relieve a lifetime of suffering for many people. We believe that we are holding the Light for the unborn billions.

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