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The Infant Heart and CFT

I have heard reports over the years that CFT may correct some infant heart issues. We all understand these are great stories, but as anecdotal evidence, they do not substantiate scientific proof. But let’s look at some science.

There are three types of muscle cells in the human body: skeletal, smooth, and cardiac. Since fascia covers each cell of all three, they are all part of the craniosacral fascial system. We cannot separate heart tissue from the rest of the web. We know that this system is fully interconnected and acts as one.

The heart is made up exclusively of cardiac muscle cells. If we are doing CFT in the infant pelvis, that fascial strain can pull up into the heart/lungs on its way to the neck/head. When we are doing CFT in the shoulder area, the heart tissue can be directly affected. Any CFT procedure can literally touch the heart.

Many times when I am holding an infant’s neck/head and feeling strain coming from the heart area, I wonder what is going on with the function of the heart? Are the seeds of heart pathology present? Could CFT possibly correct these issues? If so, it would probably go unnoticed clinically.

If your newborn needs immediate heart surgery to live, that is a must. But if there is a lesser heart issue that can be put on hold for a bit, CFT would be worth a try. In my perfect world of CFT done at birth, some heart issues could possibly be prevented for some infants. Someday it will be so.

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