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The Newborn Lymphatic System and the Fascial Web

Doctors do not routinely check the function of a newborn’s lymphatic system. This important system removes excess fluid/waste from the tissues, absorbs fatty acids and produces immune cells. The immune factor could explain from our research why CFT infants, toddlers and children appear to be healthier than nontreated children.

Birth trauma can restrict the newborn’s craniosacral fascial system. As this web intertwines throughout the lymphatic system, fascial restriction at birth may also mirror a compromised lymphatic system.

When oxygenated blood flows through the capillaries, some leakage creates interstitial fluid. This fluid bathes the surrounding tissues, and the waste is retrieved by lymphatic vessels.

These vessels are thin-walled, valved structures. No pump like the heart moves this fluid; skeletal muscle contraction creates flow through the lymph nodes to the subclavian veins. The valves keep the fluid moving one way.

The thin vessels are comprised of endothelial cells surrounded by smooth muscle cells (covered with fascia) and adventitia (fascia). We believe birth trauma can result in the fascia tightening these friable vessels to cause lymph stagnation. CFT can help the body stay looser, cleaner and better protected from disease.

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