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The Newborn Stress of Motherhood

“So many people have told me the nursing issue is because of me and my tension/stress. While I get that ? and I’m working on it on my end, that takes time.”

A mom recently emailed me the story about her baby’s nursing difficulty. I do not believe her above reasoning is true.

From my male viewpoint, having a baby is an incredibly difficult process for a human being. Your body goes through dramatic changes over 40 weeks. Then you have to look forward to hours of painful labor that puts tremendous pressure on your fetus. Finally, the inescapable world of delivery is a minefield of possible complications: epidural, pitocin, umbilical cordwrapped, breech, forceps, vacuum suction, C-section and more.

Before you became pregnant, you may have pictured signing up for a joyful natural delivery. But how many times does that happen? Seriously?

After you finally give birth and need a week at a beach resort to recover from exhaustion, motherhood unabatedly commences with potential newborn issues of breathing well, nursing well, gas, indigestion, reflux, constipation, poor napping, NICU time, pediatric visits, sleepless nights, what do I do, etc. In a perfect world, the Gillespie Approach at birth would be a game-changer.

So if things did not go well for me in that mom’s role, I would be a little on edge, too. But no worries; virtually all 800 fussy research babies responded positively regardless of mom’s emotional state. I understand the psychological energetic bond between mom and baby, but I perceive infant fussiness as due to tightness, not maternal behavior. It is just the way I see the world.

I look at the above concerned mother as blameless and only wanting the best for her baby. I would truly want her as my mom.

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